Write Away Podcast

In the summer of 2018 I participated in #CPMatch, a Twitter event hosted by Megan Lally in which CP-searching writers can pitch to other like-minded authors in an effort to find a perfect critique partner match. This introduced me to several fantastic and up-and-coming authors. One such author I had the pleasure of working with is Natalie Lockett. She recently debuted her Write Away Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify. Her first episode, Braving Querying: Tips, Tricks, & Tech for Querying Writers, delved thoroughly into the querying process with author Patrick Bohan and QueryTracker.net creator, Patrick McDonald.

Natalie recently approached me about participating in her upcoming podcast, Peer & Professional Critique airing the first of April, in which she will interview me and my regular writing group about the various aspects of both peer and professional critiques. I’m excited about speaking on this topic, having been the recipient of Revise and Resub’s December giveaway of a 10-page edit by professional editor Elizabeth Buege, as well as a monthly critique by my peer writing group.

For more information on Natalie Lockett visit: https://www.natlockettwrites.com

For more information about CP Matchmaker visit: http://meganlallywrites.blogspot.com/p/cp-matchmaker.html

For more information about Revise and Resub visit: http://reviseresub.com/

For more information on Elizabeth Buege visit: http://www.elizabethbuege.com/  

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