At the end of her tattoo apprenticeship, Arrow has finally crawled out of her dark past and into a bright future. But after surviving a harrowing attack, a shadow has invaded her life. Not a just a shadow—a shadow man, who prowls the city’s streets at night hunting criminals and eluding law enforcement.

Since being saved by the evasive vigilante, Arrow has no problem finding the shadow man in every darkened street, each dim hallway, or black corner of her apartment. Her cries for help don’t get very far when she’s the only one who can see her spectral stalker. And while she has reason to believe a vengeful ghost from her past would haunt her, she never could have imagined the ghost would claim to be the dead husband she never had.

Confronted by her preternatural pursuer, Arrow learns the shadow man has a name—Ryan—and he is hell-bent on avenging his death—and hers. Problem is, Arrow isn’t dead. Ryan believes the killer is coming for her to finish the job, but with little memory as to the murderer’s identity, he must rely on Arrow to be the key to his revenge. Finding herself under suspicion in a missing persons case and in danger of losing her job as a tattoo artist, Arrow must dig up long-buried secrets and find her connection with the shadow man before a darker evil catches up with them both. 

REVENANT is a stand-alone adult horror thriller complete at 99,000 words. It’s inspired by the true crime case of John Edward Robinson crossed with James O’Barr’s graphic novel The Crow meets the 2016 horror film Lights Out.