Will Fall

When the Harrowing began, angels decimated mankind. Thrown from the heavens and stripped of their immortality, they are forced to live amongst the human remnant.

Seventeen-year-old Deavan has spent the last decade of the apocalypse surviving as a scavenger. She’ll do anything to get across the ocean and rescue her kidnapped sister, even if it means taking on one last high-paying job smuggling three mysterious infiltrators through the treacherous outlands of Bastion.

But ignoring the incessant beckoning of the voice inside her head and avoiding the ruthless feral children of the woods become the least of her worries. One of her charges—naïve Will—is a wanted man. Oh. One more surprise: the other two charges are Winged, the very beings responsible for the death of six billion humans and the abduction of her sister. But these angels are unlike the ruthless titans of death and destruction she beheld as a young child. They love Will, the last Nephilim—half human, half angel—and will do whatever it takes to keep him human and stop him from becoming a monster even the Winged will fear. Aiding the enemy goes against everything Deavan knows, but helping the angels save Will may be the key to finding her sister and ending the extermination of mankind once and for all. Can Deavan set aside her fear and hatred in order to save Will’s humanity or will she find herself a pawn in the angelic war she means to stop?

WILL FALL is Joan of Arc meets Susan Ee’s Angelfall in the landscapes of Dante’s Inferno. It is a story about the perseverance of hope and the effort to keep one’s humanity in an inhumane world.