Will Fall

When the Harrowing began, angels decimated mankind. Thrown from the heavens and stripped of their immortality, they are forced to live amongst the human remnant.

Seventeen-year-old Deavan has spent the last decade disguised as a boy and surviving as a scavenger in the outlying lands of Bastion, North America’s last human stronghold. With her life’s savings stolen and a determination to find her older brother, Deavan agrees to take one last high-paying job smuggling three mysterious infiltrators through Bastion’s nightmarish apocalyptic territories. But Deavan has more to worry about than border guards or the voices in her head. They are being hunted and it’s not long before she discovers why: two of her passengers are Winged, the very beings responsible for the death of six billion humans. But these Winged are unlike the brutal titans of death and destruction Deavan beheld as a young child. They protect another human—well, mostly human. Will, the last Nephilim, may hold the key to not only ending the rule of Bastion’s merciless Judges, but possibly stopping the Harrowing once and for all. Aiding the enemy goes against everything Deavan knows, but can her betrayal bring about mankind’s salvation?

WILL FALL is Joan of Arc meets The Prophecy in landscapes inspired by Dante’s Inferno. It is a story of self-sacrifice, being human, and the costs of surrender for those we love.